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We don't build greenhouses. We create bright spaces

Deforche construction Group is a third generation family business that is creative with greenhouse and climate technology. Every project in the portfolio is different, because every client is also unique.

For Pairi Daiza, a beautiful zoo in Belgium, we are currently implementing our company DNA of finding solutions for our customers to the next level. The client wanted to cover a large area to house lots of different animals and plants, along with a restaurant and hotel rooms.

Two problems

Two big problems rose up immediately. Firstly the construction needed as little as possible columns, along with a roof that is as bright as possible. The second problem was that it needed to be double insulated glazing, but the plants and animals also needed UV-light to pass through. Do you want to know how we solved these questions for the project which is currently under construction?

The first solution

With conventional trusses and construction methods used in venlo and widespan greenhouses, we couldn’t provide the spans and lightness of the structures which was demanded. So we looked for a different approach. A partner of us uses spaceframes in his constructions, usually for enormous football stadia. We decided to incorporate the spaceframe structure in our solution, making it possible to cover +-2.500 m² sections at once. Did I mention it is also 20 metres high at the bottom of the spaceframe?

We know we can build it, but we need to design and plan it together with our client.

The second solution

On the matter of double insulated safety glass which also needed to let UV through, it just didn’t exist. We could have said it was not possible, but we turned to our partners to see if there was another solution. Together with our partner we actually created a new type of insulated safety glass through which around 35% of UV light passes.

We design, we produce, we construct bright spaces

The above is one of many examples why we say we design, produce and construct bright spaces, using the experience we have from greenhouses. If you are interested in such a bright space, we are open to join your think tank for your next project.

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