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Meet Sander, a young enthusiastic technical draftsman

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Deforche Construction group - Tekla draftsman

I am Sander, 25 years old and I travel daily by train from Bruges.  There is a good connection between Bruges and Izegem. The station in Izegem is only a 15-minute walk from the company.

You work in our Engineering department for both Concept and Project. What do you prefer?

That's a difficult one ; both are interesting but totally different.  

In the concept phase, we first look at the customer's requirements and how we can realise them, possible problems or stumbling blocks are solved here.  The concept drawings are drawn up, details are worked out, ... This is then used to obtain the customer's approval.  

Project includes more the engineering, the production drawings, assembly plans and the 3D model.  This also requires a lot of focus.


Which shool did you attend?

I studied architecture and interior design and then pursued a BIM architectural drafting program at Syntra West. I was particularly interested in working with the TEKLA design software.


How did you come to join the company?

I came across an open vacancy for a TEKLA drafter position. I was eager to work on beautiful, large-scale, and unique projects. And let's not just call them greenhouses—our constructions are so much more than that.

The Forzon projects are challenging and always have an architectural aspect, which aligns closely with my interests. Currently, I am also assisting with the American Energy project for the group company Hedafor. It's a massive undertaking with complex techniques, but thanks to BIM software, we can collaborate in real-time, and I am constantly learning.


How do you collaborate with colleagues to ensure your 3D drawings meet the project's requirements and specifications?

Good communication is crucial to avoid problems, especially when we work with several people on the same project.  We have regular meetings to ensure that everything runs smoothly and no mistakes occur.


What are your impressions after working with us for 10 months? 

This is an interesting and innovative company with a bright future that is very solution-oriented. Each project here has something unique that allows me to learn every day. 

I am curious about what is yet to come.

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