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Our mission

Bring light into your project

As a building material, glass has enormous potential to meet today's challenges, ranging from sustainability, circular construction, energy efficiency and work environment, to name but a few. At Deforche Construction Group, we see it as our mission to tackle these challenges. We firmly believe in the future of building with glass, using our knowledge of greenhouse technology to create inspiring and light-filled environments for every area of life (cultivation, living and working, business and leisure) and for every type of user (entrepreneurs, researchers, private clients, farmers, growers, developers, etc.).

Using steel- or aluminium-encased glass, we create micro-climates that are sustainable, green and socially responsible. Our aim is to harmonise creativity with innovation, at the same time drawing on our experience, technical knowledge and eye for design. For Deforche Construction Group, glass is often more than just a functional solution. Our promise: literally and figuratively, we bring light to your project. 

Our clear principles



Creative & innovative 

Deforche Construction Group takes a creative approach to innovation. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we always deliver high-quality and intelligent solutions for every project.

Solution-oriented & enterprising

Whatever your budget, our aim is to work purposefully and optimise the client's investment budget. We always respond with options and solutions. Our approach is to not only promote efficiency at project level but also to create a good working relationship.

Passion & pride

Greenhouse technology is our passion. It is this infectious enthusiasm that engages our clients and employees and brings them on board. The end result we achieve is a shared achievement that everyone can be proud of. 

Our History

International expert

Back in 1932, when the Deforche Construction Group (DCG) was founded, the company specialised in the construction of traditional timber greenhouses. It was only in 1958 when the next generation of Deforches took the helm that the Deforche Construction Group really started to take off. The company turned the sector on its head with the introduction of steel and metal in greenhouse construction and spearheaded a pioneering role for itself.

We continue this tradition to this day. As pioneers within the sector, the Deforche Construction Group has the agility to effortlessly adapt to changes and continuously innovate to meet the needs of our clients. As an industry knowledge centre, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends and new technologies. At the same time we follow our established Deforche approach, where a strong client-relationship is key. Today, our clients are integral members of our project team: the greater their involvement, the more successful the project. 

The expertise we have built up over the last century is now recognised internationally. We have become an international expert in the design and construction of steel, glass and aluminium greenhouse structures. Each of our projects tells its own story: the story of how we have utilised our technical expertise to provide optimum climate control.

Our certificates

Solution takes precedence

We will work out a suitable and personalised solution with functionality and productivity as the guiding principles in dialogue with the client, their architect and our own engineering department. The best solution for a competitive price has become our trademark. We therefore continually invest in qualified employees and a strong production infrastructure.

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